Moving The Needle On COVID-19 Vaccination: CDC Webinar Thursday January 28, 2021

CDC Foundation WEBINAR

Thursday January 28, 2021
12:00–1:00 PM ET

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to strain our nation’s health systems, and burden communities nationwide. Safe and effective vaccines are in early stages of distribution, and vaccine campaigns face a variety of challenges that could hinder their success.

At this event, CDC COVID-19 Response Vaccine Task Force Chief Medical Officer Amanda Cohn, MD, will present the latest information about available vaccines and current vaccine distribution plans, in conversation with CDC Foundation President and CEO Judy Monroe, MD. Afterwards, leaders from community-based organizations (CBOs) will join the conversation to discuss ways to overcome barriers to a successful COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

This is the CDC Foundation’s third webinar in a special series specifically tailored to CBOs and their partners.

REGISTER HERE: https://view.cdcfoundation-email.org/?qs=e2dba3f33d682d210b647ccef7736497feb6704100267fbb4a04c577429f29df09372d32e9c0d8d5afde0cd780545e866167dba2c1d54296bda62b718931e5428bc46c24dcf88d886f78a765f2256a73