HELEN Website Features

Welcome to the HELEN Website!

Over the coming weeks we will be enhancing features on the website to increase connectivity between HELEN members. The website will offer current analysis on national, regional and local legislative updates, and provide opportunity for discussion and collaboration among members. Website features include:

The Interactive Map – The map of the United States and its Territiories will provide a localized snapshot of key information from any state by simply pointing and clicking. You will be able to find HELEN members in that area, updates on ACA implementation, as well as, other information on health policy efforts pertaining to that state.

Online Resource Library - The Library will be updated frequently to provide HELEN members access to in-depth real time analysis of laws, policies and programs impacting health equity for vulnerable populations. Articles available in the HELEN Library will include:

  • Analysis of State and Federal policies
  • Analysis of Pending and Existing Health Equity Legislation, regulations, and statutes
  • Health Disparities research
  • Health Policy Tools
  • Informative Resources including surveys, tracking charts, fact sheets and briefs on select issues areas to increase understanding of the economic and legal impact of proposed and existing policies

Member Forum -  HELEN Members will also have access to an online forum where they can participate in discussions, and the exchange of ideas and information with other members. 

Polls and Surveys - We will be administering polls and surveys among the members periodically on a variety of topics including: feedback on the website and its features, member thoughts and opinions on ACA implementation efforts, and other current events impacting health equity. HELEN members will also have the opportunity to suggest topics for polls and surveys.

If you have not yet signed up to become a HELEN member, do so today. Registration is easy. Just click on the member tab above and complete the short application form.  We look forward to your participation in this nationwide effort to advance health equity for vulnerable populations.